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About Steady Aim

We’re a small team of archers and engineers who believe that we can leverage technology to help us improve our skills, measure our progress and generally help us to become better archers.

Many hours of research and development have lead us to launch Steady Aim. With years worth of experience in coaching individuals teams from club, right through to national level, we know what’s needed to create a system that will provide all the data needed to improve your skills.

What started as a simple conversation among friends developed in to the creation of a device that utilises the advances in technology to help us become better at the sport we love.

Meet the Team

Wesley Gates


A world class archer from South Africa, Wesley has travelled the globe competing at the highest levels of the sport. He has ranked as high as world number 15 and held the ranking of African number 1 position for 10 straight years. He has won medals and set records, including a world record, across Africa, Europe the USA and Asia. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering, is an archery coach and writer as well as an entrepreneur. Wesley has played a pivotal role in the development and deployment of Steady Aim.

Aidan van der Westhuizen


As a degreed Computer Engineer with a passion for tech and years working in consumer electronics, Aidan has acquired a plethora of skills and experience enabling the engineering of reliable, high quality solutions. The application of these skills has been instrumental in the engineering of the Steady Aim system.
He has competed for years as a recurve archer both nationally and internationally. He has won many competitions and set national records. This experience combined with many years as a coach has provided him with the understanding of what archers need in a training tool.


Use the links below to download the app for your device.

iOS 14.0+ and Android 6.0+ required