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How Steady Aim Works

The Steady Aim App streams data from the device via a Bluetooth Low Energy connection to provide you with real-time feedback, as well as full history of your shooting sessions.

Attach the Device

Secure the device mid-way along the sight extension bar.

Download the App and Connect

The Steady Aim App is available for FREE Download via the App Store or Google play Store. Pair the device to the App on your smart device.

Shoot and Analyze

Use the live or post shot data to analyze and evaluate your shooting performance. Track your changes over time and make improvements to your set-up and technique.


Track the movement and cant angle of your bow through the entire shot cycle. The shot cycle is broken up into 3 Phases, namely the Set-Up, the Hold and the Release. These are colour coded for easy visual representation.

Make use of our Shot Phase Filter to view each phase of each shot in comparison to all the others.  Analyze consistency, find outliers, and understand why.


The steadiness of your hold is quantified and scored (0-100) as is the drift score. The steadiness score gives a representation of the archer’s tremor during the aiming phase. The drift score represents the size of the sight pin drift. Use this feedback to improve your setup and technique.


Choose to shoot a scored or non-scored round. Plot your arrows and score your round. Add arrow numbers to track arrow performance. Shot cycle data is linked to the each arrow.


Perform advanced analysis of the forces going through your bow on release. Steady Aim provides you with two representations of your vibration: “Force Over Time” and “Force Over Frequency”. Analyze these patterns and make use of the values provided to tune your bow setup to perfection.

Additional Features

We’re constantly working to bring you more features and functionality to give you the most comprehensive training tool available.


Follow your friends or students and share your training sessions via our “Follow” feature.

Shot timing

Your Hold Time is displayed for each shot.


Keep a record of your training sessions. Make notes per shot. Sync your sessions to the cloud.

Regular updates

We are constantly working on new and useful App features to make your training sessions more productive. You will receive notifications as to when a FREE new software update is available.

Got suggestions?

Looking for a feature we don’t yet have or feel we could do things a bit better? We would love to hear from you! Please let us know We value your input!


Use the links below to download the app for your device.

iOS 14.0+ and Android 6.0+ required