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Designed for Archers, by Archers.

Steady Aim is a high tech device designed by engineers who are archers, for archers. As such we understand and appreciate what archers are looking for in a training device such as this. Steady Aim will give you quantitative feedback which can be analysed and interpreted by the archer or coach resulting in informed decision making to ones set-up and form.


Hear from the Steady Aim community

Easiest fastest analysis unit I’ve used yet (I bought it, not a gift or sponsored review).

I’ve owned 4 different shot analysis units over the last couple years and this by far was the fastest and easiest to use. Literally turning it on and attaching it to the scope bar took less than a min to accomplish. Personally I think this is a HUGE advantage. A coach or any archer can drop this on any bow on the range in moments to analyse just exactly what’s going on. You can view it live or it’ll auto store every shot.

It helps me do ever so subtle tweaks that will definitely add points to my game!
Well done!!

Chuck Cooley
Chuck Cooley
Co-Founder and VP of Feather Visions

As a professional coach I was looking for a device easy to use and easy to read in terms of data. Steady aim is more than this! Easy, fast, and effective! Really useful for me and for my athletes.

Great device and great app

Filippo Clini
Filippo Clini
International Archery Coach

The Steady aim A1 device has enabled us to give real time data on shot analysis for our world class program athletes, its simple to setup and use and it weighs next to nothing, so it doesn’t alter the feel of the bow during the shot process. Being able to use these devices have saved us so much time and we get the results instantly through the App. Steady Aim themselves are a brilliant company to deal with answering all questions I have thrown at them to an exacting degree, overall, my job would be so much harder without these brilliant devices. Thank you Steady Aim!

Kieran Carr
Kieran Carr
Archery GB Paralympic Technician


Use the links below to download the app for your device.

iOS 14.0+ and Android 6.0+ required