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We’ve done our very best to answer any questions you may have when it comes to Steady Aim. If there is a question that you may have that we have not covered below, please feel free to email us on

Yes we do. We use FedEx exclusively. Generally orders will take 48hours to process before they ship via the FedEx International Priority option. Your tracking number will be system generated and emailed through to you.

There are 2 options. Option 1 would be to give you coach the email address you used to login to the app. This will provide them with limited access, only allowing them to view your sessions summaries. Option 2 would be to give your coach your login details. This would allow them to view all your data as you would see it on your phone. You can have multiple people logged in to your account at once.

The LED would stay illuminated during the charging process. Once the device is fully charged, the LED will turn green.

Firstly, check that the device fully charged. The USB cable must be disconnected before trying to connect to the device via the app. Ensure the device is turned on by pressing the button on the device. The LED should flash for 30 seconds, during which time the device is connectable.
If you are still unable to connect to the device, try force closing and restarting the app. If this does not work, try restarting your phone.

Ensure that the device is on a stable, still surface before connecting to the device. It is normal for the calibration to sometimes require a couple of attempts as the device is sensitive. If you still have trouble with calibration, restart the app and ensure that the device is fully charged before trying again.

The device can be placed anywhere on the bow but the design intent was for the device to be placed midway along the sight extension bar to coincide with the vibration node. The device should fit snugly. If your extension bar is very thin then a shim can be added to take up the slack or you can request a smaller set of 0-rings.

The data recorded by the device is presented on the app in what we believe is the most intuitive format for interpretation. Higher steadiness and drift scores and more consistent shot traces generally correspond with improved performance. Whilst we are continuously looking to improve this representation, the archer and/or coach are still responsible for some of the interpretation as no single archer or setup is the same.

A fully charged batter allows for up to 15 hours of continuous usage.

To back up your latest shooting data, go to the account page on the mobile device which has your latest data and press “Sync Data”. You will then be prompted to upload your data to the server. Once syncing has completed on this phone, press “Sync Data” on your new phone and you will be prompted to download the latest data from the server. Once complete, you will have all your data on your new phone.

The Steady Aim device makes use of an IMU to make accurate, high speed measurements of the acceleration and angular movement of the device.

The Profile page is intended to be used for creating different bow profiles for a singular user. To keep users’ data separate, log out of the current user and sign up with a new account. You can then login with as many different users as you like.

In the Steady Aim app, go to the Account page and press Delete Account at the bottom of the page. After confirmation, your account and all associated data will be permanently removed.